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PSA: It's Time to Unwind

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PSA: It's Time to Unwind

Introducing The Unnamed’s Unwind Nourishing Bath Soak


Here at the Unnamed Skincare, we genuinely believe that self care is key to maintaining a healthy state of mind and body. Whether self-care to you means settling down with a good book, lighting a beautiful candle or simply enjoying a hot cup of tea, there are many ways to pause our daily lives to take a breath and reset.


But when we want something a little more indulgent, one of our favourite ways to unwind is to recreate an at-home spa, for an easy yet luxurious treat that really rejuvenates.


If the thought of a blissful and relaxing spa date sounds heavenly to you too, you’re going to love our Nourishing Bath Soak. To help you recreate your own DIY spa sanctuary, we’ve designed the perfect fuss-free bath soak that you can indulge in for some much-needed pampering.


Blended with luscious native Australian ingredients, our new sustainable bath soak is the perfect remedy to ease sore muscles and tired minds. Unlike typical bath salts that leave behind a messy clean up, this nourishing bath soak delivers all of the relaxation and none of the stress.


Let us tell you why we’re so excited about it.


Firstly, what’s in the Unwind Nourishing Bath Soak?


Our Nourishing Bath Soak is made up of our signature blend of soothing, cleansing and hydrating ingredients, purposely selected to deliver effective relaxation. These include:

  • Coconut Milk Powder: specifically chosen for its softening and hydrating qualities, coconut milk is creamy, moisturising and particularly beneficial for dry and scaly skin.
  • Australian Pink Clay: highly regarded for its powerful cleansing and detoxifying qualities. If your skin has been feeling dull, pink clay will help to deeply cleanse and refresh tired skin.
  • Magnesium Sulphate: also known as Epson Salts, this ingredient is highly regarded for reducing skin inflammation and easing sore muscles. If you have trouble sleeping at night, magnesium sulphate is also useful in helping you relax and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Davidson's Plum: an iconic native Australian ingredient which is known for delivering powerful hydration whilst also delivering anti-aging properties. If fine lines and loose skin are starting to bother you, this blend of Davidson’s Plum will help to firm your skin whilst keeping it supple and hydrated.
  • Quandong: another iconic native fruit extract which we have specifically selected to soothe and nourish skin, whilst paying homage to our Australian roots.

How do you use the Unwind Nourishing Bath Soak?


One of the main reasons we love our new Unwind Nourishing Bath Soak is because of how fuss-free it is to use, meaning you can simply relax, knowing there’s no messy clean up waiting for you afterwards.


Unlike typical bath salts that you have to pour into the water (and later clean out), we’ve encased our signature blend of nourishing ingredients into a biodegradable pouch that you can simply slip into the water and let the ingredients work their magic.


We recommend holding your bath soak under running water and letting it soak and infuse the water with the formulation.


Whether you are looking for a self-care treat to help yourself unwind, or as a present for a busy and time-poor loved one, we are sure the our Nourishing Bath Soak will be a much loved gift for all. Shop the Unwind Face & Bath Duo here.








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