Find out about The Unnamed Skincare's range of face sheet masks.


Sheet masks are a type of face mask that is made up of a sheet, usually made from fabric or paper, that is soaked in serum. When applied to your face the sheet creates a barrier with your skin enabling maximum absorption of the serum in a short amount of time.

Each of The Unnamed sheet masks is formulated to address a specific skincare concern. They do what they say, and say what they do – HYDRATE, BRIGHTEN & FIRM. We also believe that skincare should never be a choice between instant results and long-term benefits, so all of our masks have anti-aging benefits, always.

Sheet masks can be added to your current skincare routine to give your skin a boost. Just think, your standard bottle of serum contains around 30ml of serum and lasts you 3-6 months. In comparison, The Unnamed sheet masks contain 25ml of serum that you use in a single dose. The sheet is made from tencel, which seals in the serum and prevents it from evaporating, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate your skin.

Sheet masks can be added to your existing skincare regimen & used at any time of the day. Use them:

- To prime your skin before applying make up

- In the lead up to an event for hydrated and radiant skin

- As you wind down at the end of the day to wake up with refreshed skin

- On a flight to combat hydration (it’s a thing)

Simply follow these steps:

PREPARE - Cleanse & tone face. 

APPLY - Gently unfold the mask, remove the protective backing, smooth the sheet mask onto your face. 

WEAR - Leave on for 15-20 minutes.

REMOVE - Remove the mask & massage remaining serum into face & neck, follow with moisturiser. 

Remember to always patch test first on a small area of your skin to ensure there is no irritation or reaction.

The Unnamed does not test on animals. We test on willing humans and also complete a range of other laboratory tests to ensure the quality and efficacy of our products. Our BRIGHTENING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK & HYDRATING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK are both vegan and contain no ingredients derived from animals. However, our FIRMING & ANTI-AGING SHEET MASK is not vegan as it contains collagen.


Thank you or your order! We aim to pack and send orders within 24 hours of receiving. You can expect an email from us firstly confirming your order and secondly advising when it has been despatched and is on its way to you!


We are proud to share that The Unnamed is an Australian owned & registered business. We manufacture our products locally here in Australia.

Here at The Unnamed, we are as passionate about sustainability as we are about skincare. We are working closely with our suppliers to source & develop sustainable packaging and shipping options. Our current sheet mask range is made up of the following components:

- A TENCEL™ sheet that is biodegradable and compostable and can be disposed in your regular waste or home compost.

- A plastic mask backing sheet that can be recycled by dropping off at REDcycle® drop-off points.

- A foil pouch, which we recommend checking with your local council if it can be recycled, as this capability currently varies by location.


All orders from The Unnamed are sent in cardboard boxes or envelopes that are made from recycled materials that are able to be recycled again. Depending on the delivery location, our orders to customers are either delivered by either Australia Post, who has 100% carbon neutral deliveries, or Sendle, who are 100% carbon neutral and B-Corp recognised.


As much as possible we also reuse our shipping materials until they break down and then recycle them.

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