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A note from the Founders

A few years ago, we fell in love with the concept of sheet masking. We loved the simplicity of being able to transform our skin (and our day!) in just 15 minutes. We loved that the sheet helps boost results by allowing concentrated serum to penetrate the skin more deeply. Most of all, we loved the ritual of sheet masking, not only as part of our skincare regimen, but also as our go-to form of self care.
But… We couldn’t find a sheet mask that ticked all of our boxes (and there were many). We struggled with masks that just didn’t fit our face. With serums that were too runny and dribbled down our neck, or too sticky and left a tacky residue afterwards that pilled.
So we set about creating the perfect range of sheet masks. Our non-negotiables:
  • Formulated with proven ingredients to see instant results AND have long-term benefits
  • Targeted to our biggest skincare concerns – to Hydrate, Brighten & Firm
  • The perfect fit
  • Filled with a generous volume of serum that feels beautiful on the skin, both while wearing the mask and afterwards
  • Australian Made and Owned so we trust it’s the best quality

Introducing, The Unnamed.

Our Australian-made, anti-aging sheet masks are made with proven ingredients to target your biggest skincare concerns. See instant results while also looking after the long-term health of your skin.
“In life, one of my guiding mantras is to do less, but with more focus, and that’s exactly what The Unnamed sheet masks do,” says Yana, Co-Founder of The Unnamed. “The sheet creates a barrier between the skin so that more serum can be absorbed and reach the deepest layers of the skin, which maximises your results.”
At The Unnamed we also believe that it should never be a choice between instant results and long-term skincare benefits.
“Each of our masks are formulated to target a particular skincare concern like hydration or brightness, but they all also offer anti-aging benefits, so in the one mask you know you are also looking after your skin for the long term,” says Yana.
“We wanted a range of sheet masks that were not just great for our skin but also something we looked forward to using, as we loved the ritual of sheet masking,” says Danielle, Co-Founder of The Unnamed.
“I love using our masks because it’s a beautiful experience from start to finish. I love everything from the packaging, the scent, the texture of the serum on my skin, and of course just how dewy and glowing my skin looks afterwards.”

Best wishes,

Danielle & Yana