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    Allantoin hydrates, soothes & heals. It is an active moisturiser that increases the water content of skin cells, with anti-inflammatory properties that sooth the skin & reduce irritation. It also stimulates skin cells to boost the growth of new, healthy tissue.


    Soothes & hydrates skin with its water-binding, anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. It is also has the same pH as skin making it suitable for sensitive skin.


    Anti-oxidants are naturally occurring vitamins & minerals that protect the skin against free radical, which are molecules in the environment that damage skin by impacting collagen production levels & weakening elasticity. Things like air pollutants, chemicals & cigarette smoke all contain free radicals. 


    Restores even skin tone by controlling & reducing pigmentation, as well as protecting the skin to prevent inflammation & redness.


    Ceramides are found naturally in the upper layer of the skin, & work to maintain skin barrier health to keep the skin is hydrated & protected from environmental aggressors. Over time, the quality & quantity of ceramides in your skin decreases, which damages the skin barrier & can lead to to dryness, wrinkles, irritation & dehydration. Using ceramides in your skincare routine helps replenish the ceramides in your skin, & keep it hydrated, firm & soft.


    Coenzyme Q10 occurs naturally in the body & has anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. When used in skincare, it boosts firmness by combatting damaging free radicals to ensure production of collagen & elastin. Over time, age & environmental factors reduce Q10 levels in the skin, which decreases the firmness & elasticity of skin.


    A fundamental ingredient found it most moisturising skincare, glycerin is also found naturally in the skin. It helps the skin look & feel healthy by maintaining moisture levels. In skincare, it works in conjunction with other replenishing ingredients to deliver active ingredients to the skin.


    Collagen occurs naturally in the body and provides structure for the skin making it strong, plump and elastic. However, sun damage and age mean the skin loses 1% of its remaining collagen each year after age 30. Collagen is able to renew skin cells to improve skin texture. Collagen is also known for its moisturising properties which hydrate and plump the skin.


    With the ability to hold 1000x time its own weight in water, hyaluronic acid helps the skin retain moisture so that the skin looks & feels hydrated, plump & healthy. However, each year the skin loses 1% of its naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, so topical application is essential for maintaining skin hydration.


    Lactic acid is a gentle alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) that works as both an exfoltiator & hydrator, helping to brighten uneven skin tone, smooth skin texture & reduce the appearance of the signs of aging.


    Niacinamide targets a plethora of skin concerns including pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dullness, enlarged pores & the signs of aging. Niacinamide activates the production of collagen & ceramides in the skin to prevent the signs of aging. By reducing pigmentation, redness & pore size, it improves the appearance of skin tone & texture. It also repairs the skin surface barrier to maintain hydration & prevent water loss. Not only is niacinamide compatible with most other ingredients (including peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, anti-oxidants, retinols, AHAs & BHAs) it has a neutral pH so it’s also non-sensitising & tolerated by all skin types.


    Peptides are formed by chains of linked amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins in skin. Each peptide offers its own specific benefits however most peptides are reparative, with the ability to activate skin restorative processes such as collagen production & tissue repair, as well as strengthen proteins in our skin such as keratin & elastin. Ultimately, peptides improve, as well as prevent, the signs of aging including loss of firmness & elasticity, texture changes, finelines & wrinkles. Acetyl Octapeptide-3 prevents the formation & reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles & lines caused by muscle contractions.                  

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