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CHRONICLE XIII: Diary of a Face Mask Fan - Part 2

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CHRONICLE XIII: Diary of a Face Mask Fan - Part 2

This is part 2 of my Diary of a Face Mask Fan. As part of The Unnamed Skincare’s 7 Day Skin Reset Challenge, I have been trying out their range of signature sheet masks that promise to deliver instantly hydrating, brightening and firming skincare benefits. On Days 1 to 3, I tried out their Hydrating & Anti-Ageng Sheet Masks for truly and visibly radiant results. Now on to see if the Unnamed’s Brightening and Firming Sheet Masks could also live up to the hype.

If you missed Part 1, read it here first. Then read below to see what happened on Days 4 to 7.


Day 4

Today I was trying out the Brightening & Anti-Aging Sheet Mask for the first time. Thoroughly impressed with the plumping nature of the Hydrating mask, I was curious to see whether the Brightening mask would make a difference to my somewhat lack-lustre skin.


Whilst I don’t have any stubborn pigmentation, my skin can be quite dull, patchy and red. So I was pleased to see this sheet mask contained niacinamide, peptides and a unique active ingredient called Brightenyl ®, which are designed to work together in combating redness and uneven skin tone.


I gently applied the Brightening Sheet Mask and went about my morning for about twenty minutes before peeling the sheet off. As usual I massaged the remaining serum in with my hands and took a good look in the mirror.


The first thing I noticed was that my redness was not as visible as usual. Typically my face flares up at the first sign of hot water, dust, foreign skincare, you name it, but this time it was just even and clean. Quietly impressed, I went about the rest of my day, proudly sporting my radiant, lasting glow.


Day 5  

On Day 5, I decided to switch it up and apply my sheet mask just before bed. This was a great way to wind down after a busy day (how was it only Wednesday?!), and indulge in some mid-week self-care.


Once again, I pulled out my Brightening and Anti-Aeing Sheet Mask from the fridge and left it on my cleansed face for about fifteen minutes.


After peeling off my mask, I noticed again that the redness was far less visible than usual. After using the Brightening & Anti-Aging mask, my face looked almost colourless (in a good way). Thoroughly impressed, I looked forward to the next and last day of the Brightening & Anti-Aging Sheet Mask.


Day 6

Today I was using up the last of my Brightening & Anti-Aging Sheet Masks. After leaving it on for close to twenty minutes, I gently peeled it off once again to reveal plump and visibly brighter skin.


My skin had felt much calmer over the course of the week, and today I could see that my skin tone had really evened out. The persistent redness had calmed down, and my face felt smooth, supple and balanced.


A feature that I really like about the Unnamed’s sheet masks is that they all contain peptides, a powerful ingredient in combating signs of early aging. This means you don’t have to choose between your desired results, as all of their masks help to plump up your skin, whilst delivering additional benefits, whether that be Hydrating, Brightening or Firming. So even with my Brightening mask on, I could feel a subtle tightening on my skin as the peptides worked their magic.


Day 7

The final day had arrived, and truth be told, I was almost sad that my 7 days of sheet masking were almost over. Sheet masking not only feels like a luxurious pampering treat, but I’d also really enjoyed incorporating the masks into my self-care routine. Taking fifteen or twenty minutes a day to nourish my skin had helped to lift my mood, make me feel refreshed and more optimistic about the day ahead.


So what does the Firming & Anti-Aging Sheet Mask do? The Firming sheet mask is made with a blend of collagen, coenzyme Q10 and peptides, a powerful cocktail of ingredients proven to help your skin fight against wrinkles, fine lines and future signs of aging.


What I enjoyed most about this mask was the slight tightening effect it had on my face. My skin felt ever so slightly pulled back to give it a taut look, but still hydrated thanks to the plumping collagen peptides.


Overall it left my skin feeling smooth and supple, and I could definitely see why this mask had been so positively reviewed.


Final Verdict 

So what’s the final verdict of my 7 Day Skin Reset challenge? Overall my skin has genuinely never looked and felt better. Each of the masks delivered instantly noticeable effects, and together they made my skin feel healthy, dewy and smooth. I loved using them in the mornings, and they sat beautifully under make up. I also loved winding down in the evening with a mask before bed, knowing I’d wake up with plump and glowing skin the next day.


I tried to pick a favourite for this review, but I honestly couldn’t, as they all delivered slightly different results. But I do have a few top tips to share with you. Firstly, store your masks in the fridge for an instantly cooling effect, secondly, make sure to use up the leftover serum on your neck and hands, and finally, push the serum even deeper into your skin with a facial massage using your fingers or a Gua Sha to really see lasting results.


Have you tried the 7 Day Skin Reset Challenge? Try it now and let us know your results and feedback in the comments below!

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