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CHRONICLE XII: Diary of a Face Mask Fan - Part 1

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CHRONICLE XII: Diary of a Face Mask Fan - Part 1

What happens when a face mask fan gets invited to take part in The Unnamed Skincare’s 7 Day Skin Reset challenge?


Having recently gone through a few very-unwelcome weeks of dry, dull and irritated skin, I was super excited to get my hands on the Unnamed Skincare’s 7 Day Skin Reset Set, a signature set of their five-star Brightening, Hydrating and Firming Sheet Masks.


As part of the 7 Day Skin Reset challenge, I tried out their full set of sheet masks every day for a week to see if they could truly restore my irritated and dull skin to its former glowing glory, and all within just 7 days.


To read my personal insights and reflections from using The Unnamed Skincare’s 7 Day Skin Reset Set, read Part 1 of my Diary of a Face Mask Fan below.


Day 1

As someone with quite sensitive and dry skin, I love storing my sheet masks in the fridge so they feel instantly cool and refreshing on my face. I kickstarted my 7-day challenge with The Unnamed’s Hydrating & Anti-Aging Sheet Mask, which promises to deliver dewy and plump skin thanks to the combination of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and peptides.


After a quick face steam and gentle cleanse, I peeled open the (gorgeous!) packaging, and pulled out my very first Unnamed sheet mask.


First impressions? It smelt really nice. It wasn’t a sickly overpowering fragrance that some other sheet masks have, it was more of a natural refreshing scent that pleasantly tickled my nose. On closer inspection, it might have been the aloe vera that is added to the mask to help create a cooling, gel-like texture that adds plumpness into your skin.


Now with most face masks, I find the serum super runny so it’s dripping all down my wrists before I’ve even untangled the sheet. Whilst I could feel that The Unnamed had included a generous amount of serum inside the packaging, it wasn’t running down my fingers as I applied the sheet to my face, a feature I much appreciated.


I then followed the cut outs and gently tapped the edges of the mask against my chin, forehead and the sides of my nose. Another thing I noticed is there wasn’t too much excess material to wrangle with. Some sheet masks are cut too large, or sometimes too small - which makes them ill fitting and uncomfortable. This one just stayed put in all the right places and I could even open my mouth for, you know, snacks.


I rubbed the remainder of the serum onto my hands which had become so dry with all the frequent hand washing and sanitising, and then simply went about my morning.


The back of the pack says to leave the mask on for fifteen or twenty minutes, so I gave it the full twenty and then gently peeled it off. I know Day 1 of this Diary has already gone on for a while, so I’ll keep my first impressions brief. My skin was glowing. As if I had drunk my full eight glasses of water every day for the past week, it really looked luminous. I was very impressed.


But was the mirror just showing me what I wanted to see? Read on to see what happened on Day 2.


Day 2

Excited to see if the Hydrating & Anti-Ageing Sheet Mask would deliver a noticeable result with even less prep involved, I skipped the face steam this morning and put it straight onto my cleansed face.


Just under twenty minutes later, I peeled it off and, to my absolute delight, my skin honestly looked radiant. There was a lot of serum still sitting on the top layers of my face, so today I used my Gua Sha to help press it more deeply into my skin.


After about five minutes of using the Gua Sha, the serum had settled into my face and it felt cool, smooth and supple. I put my regular moisturiser over the top but found I needed to use less than usual as my skin already had been treated to a generous dose of moisture, making it look dewy and plump.


I don’t typically wear makeup when I’m spending the day at home, so I was eagerly anticipating the next day (Day 3), as that would test how the Unnamed’s Hydrating and Anti-Aging Sheet Mask would hold up under my foundation.


Day 3

Today I grabbed the third and last of my Hydrating Sheet Masks, and applied it to my face for just over fifteen minutes. I’m usually in a rush in the mornings before work, so I was curious to see whether using it for the minimum time recommended would still result in noticeably hydrating results.


After peeling the mask off and massaging the remaining serum in with my fingers, I was pleased to see my face still looked and felt incredibly dewy and plump. After applying a light layer of moisturiser and letting it settle for a minute, I grabbed my usual makeup stash to see how the sheet mask would pair with my foundation. 


I immediately noticed that it was easier to blend in my foundation and concealer. The extra layer of moisture gave my base makeup products a more natural and seamless finish, something I’m always trying to achieve. I waited a few minutes after applying my foundation to see if it would pill but in fact the makeup had set really nicely. The serum even gave my skin a luminous effect, giving me that much-desired lit-from-within, no-makeup makeup look. After applying the rest of my creams and powders, I went off to work, eager to see how the foundation would hold up by the evening, or whether the serum would cause it to slide off.


I didn’t get a chance to take a photo, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, but my skin truly looked so good at the end of the day. My makeup had stayed put and the three days of sheet masking had given my face a noticeable glow. Tomorrow was Brightening & Anti-Aging day, and I honestly couldn’t wait.


Would the Brightening Sheet Mask deliver instantly visible results like the Hydrating sheet had? Update on Days 4 to 7 to come. 

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