CHRONICLE II: All you need to know about Sheet Masks

CHRONICLE II: All you need to know about Sheet Masks

Discover what sheet masks are and how they can benefit your skin.

Not sure what a sheet mask is?


Simply put, a sheet mask is a type of face mask that comes in the form of a sheet.


Sheet masks are made up of two things:

  1. The Sheet
  2. The Serum


The sheet part of sheet mask refers to a piece of material (often made of cotton) that is in the shape of a face.


The second part of sheet mask is the serum, which is the liquid that the sheet is drenched in. Serums are formulated with active ingredients that are designed to address a multitude of different skincare concerns, such as hydration, brightness and aging.


Here’s what sheet masking can do for your skin


Sheet masks punch above their weight.


The sheet is specially designed to contour to your face. This creates a barrier that helps the serum in the mask penetrate your skin, and prevents any of the ingredients in the mask evaporating.


Sheet masks also contain around 25ml of serum in each pouch, which is almost as much in one mask as what is in an entire bottle of serum.


Together, this volume of serum coupled with the barrier created by the sheet maximises the benefits, and means you will see and feel the results pretty much immediately.


Depending on the ingredients that are in the serum, sheet masks can also support your skin over the longer term and prevent the signs of aging. All the of the masks from The Unnamed are formulated to deliver instant results, as well as have anti-aging benefits, so you can see your best skin today and tomorrow.


Here’s how you can incorporate sheet masks into your skincare regimen


Sheet masks can be used in addition to your current skincare regimen or in place of a serum. You can use them at any time of the day or night, and as often as you choose to. Whether that’s while winding down on a Sunday evening, or first thing on a Saturday before an event, or on a midweek long haul flight (yes, that’s a thing).


Just make sure to cleanse your skin before you apply the mask, so it’s prepped and ready to absorb the serum.


Afterwards, you can pat any excess serum into your skin and finish with a moisturiser to seal in the serum. Alternatively, if you’re going to apply make up, use a tissue and toner to remove any excess serum so your make up applies smoothly. Either way, make sure not to cleanse or wash your face after using a sheet mask as you want as much of the serum as possible to stay on your skin to maximise the benefits.



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