CHRONICLE I: What's in a name?

CHRONICLE I: What's in a name?

Behind The Unnamed. Hear from the Founders.

Behind The Unnamed | A note from the Founders

Over the combined 10 years we have spent working in the Australian beauty industry we have seen too many women and men struggle to navigate the crowded, complex and overwhelming world that is skincare (hands up if that’s you!).

Skincare shouldn’t be any of the above, so in 2018 we set out to Marie Kondo the industry starting with sheet masks.


“When we first started working on The Unnamed, the brand name was the least of our priorities,” says Danielle, Co-Founder of The Unnamed. “For us, the priority was really about creating products that do exactly what they say they will do.”


“We knew from our own experiences shopping for skincare, how confusing it could to know what a product was supposed to do, and how to use it,” says Danielle. “When creating The Unnamed, we removed the complicated regimes, overstated claims, confusing packaging and the unpronounceable brand names. In fact, we got rid of our brand name all together!”


“The Unnamed Brightening & Anti-Aging Sheet Mask, does exactly what it says it does: it’s a sheet mask that is formulated to brighten your skin and prevent the future signs of aging,” says Danielle.

“At The Unnamed we also believe that it should never be a choice between instant results and long-term skincare benefits,” says Yana, Co-Founder of The Unnamed.


The Unnamed’s sheet masks are formulated to help you see your best skin today and tomorrow. They use proven ingredients to address your current skincare needs with anti-aging benefits, always.


“In life, one of my guiding mantras is to do less, but with more focus. So for me, it was important that The Unnamed also reflected this,” says Yana. “With all of our masks, not only do they focus on particular skincare concerns like hydration or brightness, but they all also offer anti-aging benefits, so you know you are looking after your skin for the long term.”

Our mission is to UNcomplicate your skincare, so you can see your best skin yet.


Best wishes,

Danielle & Yana



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