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CHRONICLE X: 5 Tips to Nourish Your Skin this Winter

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CHRONICLE X: 5 Tips to Nourish Your Skin this Winter

Here at The Unnamed, we believe self-care is vital to helping your mind and body look and feel its best. Despite the rush of our daily, busy lifestyles, it’s important to step back and prioritise our wellness with even just a few minutes of purposeful and genuine self-care.


This is never more important than during winter. During the cooler months, the wind, rain and frost can cause havoc on our skin, leaving us feeling dry, chaffed and dull. Even if you’re short on time, consider just a few simple changes to your daily routine to help your skin look and feel its most radiant.


To help you feel energised and nourished this winter, here are our top five skincare tips.


1. Shower Oils

An indulgent addition to your daily bathing routine, shower oils can act as the perfect time-saving winter skincare remedy. Instead of using moisture-stripping foam washes, switch to an oil-based wash to feel both refreshed and moisturised in one invigorating hit. Be sure to avoid the long extra-hot showers too, as whilst tempting, hot water can be particularly damaging on dry, sensitive skin.


2. DIY Facials

Stepping out for a professional facial can be luxurious but also a time consuming and costly affair. If you can’t squeeze in a salon visit, treat yourself to a DIY facial at home. Simply steam your face over a bowl of hot water to open up your pores (being sure to maintain a safe distance to avoid any burns or discomfort), gently cleanse with a balm or oil-based cleanser, then exfoliate with your favourite scrub and finish by replenishing the moisture with a soothing moisturiser, mask or face oil.


3. Sheet Masks

No time for a full facial? For a perfect midweek pick me up, a weekend treat or a quick boost of radiance before a special event, treat your skin to a concentrated sheet mask. A sheet mask is a fuss-free way to instantly nourish your skin and restore your radiance, even despite the winter blues. For specific concerns, you can choose from The Unnamed’s targeted range of Hydrating, Brightening or Firming sheet masks, all of which deliver both instant and lasting results in just fifteen minutes.


4. Body Moisturisers

Whilst our faces are often the most frequently exposed to wintery conditions, don’t forget to also nourish the rest of your body. Our legs, elbows and knees can become particularly dry and in need of extra moisture during the cooler months. If you’re always in a rush to get dressed after the shower, a simple tip to help remind you to moisturise daily is keeping your favourite body oil or lotion near your bed. By moisturising just before you sleep, you can make sure to also squeeze in a few relaxing moments of self-care as you wind down each night.


5. Don’t Skip the SPF

Even if it’s been a few days since you’ve seen the sun, be sure to protect your skin from its harmful rays with daily application of sunscreen. SPF has advanced a long way since the days of sticky and greasy lotions that leave an unflattering white cast on your face. Look for clean, hydrating formulas that will sit perfectly under make up or simply on their own to give your face a healthy and dewy natural glow whilst simultaneously protecting your skin and body from damaging UV rays.


What are your top tips to look after your skin in Winter? Tell us about your Winter routine in the comments below.


Written by Sweni Shah for The Unnamed Skincare.

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